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Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

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Muscles can become tight, restricted, and painful due to rigorous athletic training, competitive intensity, and from repetitive daily use at work

Deep tissue and sports massage can relieve the tension in on-going problem areas. We begin with a general warm up of the afflicted areas using Swedish techniques. Then, using a combination of deep massage and neuromuscular therapy we isolate the problem areas, the source of the muscle tension and chronic pain, and then focus our work there.

For the athlete this combination works well to soothe and alleviate the effects of hard training and competition. We treat common sports injuries and problems including shoulder girdle tightness, IT Band, (Illio-tibial track) restriction, knee pain due to quadriceps tension, plantar facitus, “shin splints,” tight calves & hamstrings, general leg stiffness, cramping, and other ailments common to the athlete.

We address chronic pain from repetitive physical work conditions as well. Many painful issues such as neck and shoulder pain, low back pain, chronic headaches due to muscle tension, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tempromandibular dysfunction, (TMJ),
are relieved through this work.

As overused and/or injured tissue relaxes, clients experience improvement in muscle flexibility, increase in range of motion, return of power and speed to afflicted areas, easing of tendonitis, and shortened recovery time. Many have found that keeping muscles loose and healthy using massage helps in preventing future injuries.

Deep tissue massage has also been found helpful in alleviating symptoms in those who suffer from general back pain and spasms, general body achy ness, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, pregnancy discomfort, and sciatica.